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Florida celebrates National AMBER Alert Awareness Day

January 13th was National AMBER Alert Awareness Day. This year marked the 17th anniversary of the abduction and death of 9-year-old Amber Hagerman of Texas. She is the girl who the system is now named and whose death and abduction the U.S. Department of Justice remembers on this day.

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The weekend of October 27th on The Credit Report with Bill Lewis

As a daily forum for business and financial news, politics, economic trends, and cutting edge issues, The Credit Report with Bill Lewis can be found on AM 740 WSBR in south Florida. Hosted by Bill Lewis, the show broadcasts live weekdays at 7am.

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James Holmes: Colorado shooter an online mystery

Cloaked in as much mystery as the midnight showing of Batman: “Dark Knight Rises,” it appears that James Holmes – the alleged shooter at a Aurora, Colorado, movie theater that … Continue reading

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Anonymous takedown of Facebook a mainstream media mishap

Contrary to numerous mainstream media reports, the loosely associated hacktivist group “Anonymous” was not to blame for taking Facebook down. Anonymous did not attack Facebook nor at anytime did it ever claim responsibility for attacking the world’s largest social networking service.

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Can anyone say Facebook party?

The Facebook Friends and Family Meet-Up will be held Tuesday, June 19th from 6pm until 9pm at the Sample Road location of Wings Plus. Please attend and meet your Facebook friends in person.

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Bill Lewis’ Facebook Meet Up Attracts Big Crowd In Coral Springs

Bill Lewis’ Facebook Meet Up Attracts Big Crowd In Coral Springs.

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‘Pay to Play’ comes to Facebook as it starts charging users

With over 900 million members worldwide, the social networking giant has begun offering users a chance to be better noticed by their friends by testing a “pay-to-be-popular” option.

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Clicking ‘Like’ on Facebook not protected speech according to federal judge

Clicking the “Like” button on Facebook does not qualify for First Amendment protection, a United States District Court judge ruled, dismissing claims that a Virginia sheriff improperly monitored the virtual support of several now former employees.

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Togetherville: Facebook for kids is shutting down

At high noon on Sunday, March 11th the “child-friendly” Togetherville social network will be discontinued. Purchased by the Walt Disney Company early last year, Mickey Mouse is now saying good-bye to all his friends and disbanding thousands of neighborhoods.

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Life, death and social media

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and many other major social media sites have policies regarding the death of its users. Are you familiar with them?

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