Starbucks Introduces New Mobile Coffee Application

Are you addicted to Starbucks?  If so, you will find of interest a new mobile application created just for you.

Earlier today, Starbucks took to their blog announcing a new mobile app they have created.  The posting was logged from author “April F” the brand’s Director of Global Mobile Beverage

The idea behind the new app is simple –  Starbucks has placed two baristas on scooters in every square mile of seven of the country’s largest cities.  Their main goal?  To deliver coffee at the whim of your GPS enabled smartphone.

With a few swipes on your phone’s screen, with the Mobile Pour app, you can have coffee delivered to you within minutes.  The novelty of this mobile application is rather intriguing, considering the commentary stating “There is a Starbucks on every corner.” 

This mobile application shows Starbucks knows their brand and is willing to make light of their role in the coffee industry.  Interesting to introduce such a new mobile application on April Fool’s Day….

The full blog post, should Starbucks remove it:

Instructional Animation: