Broward County Library offers free access to IndieFlix

Broward County Library offers free access to IndieFlix
Broward County Library offers free access to IndieFlix

Tired of ComcastDIRECTVDish Network or AT&T’s U-Verse?  Have Netflix or Hulu, but are seeking something a little different? Maybe you have Internet access but cannot afford traditional cable television?

If so, the Broward County Library announced Monday the launch of IndieFlix, a free service that allows library customers to stream and watch award-winning independent films, television shows, shorts and documentaries from around the world at no cost, according to publication specialist Catherine McElrath.  

With IndieFlix, library users will now have unlimited access to thousands of streaming film-festival hits including the best of Sundance, Cannes, Tribeca and more.  With thousands of films to choose from across more than 50 countries, IndieFlix offers a unique viewing experience.

Viewing films on IndieFlix directly supports the filmmakers who created them. There are also vintage TV shows, network movies, cult classics, music and concert films and more. Watch what you like – for free!

With IndieFlix, library users can also watch titles on Xbox, PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet and even Roku.

Founded in 2005, Seattle based IndieFlix is one of the largest and fastest-growing aggregators of independent film nationwide.  Created and operated as a film distribution and discovery site focused solely on film, filmmakers, and the audience that loves them, IndieFlix was founded on principles of community, promotion, syndication, and transparency.

The mission of IndieFix is to be the first point of entry for the audience to find any award-winning film festival movie and to be the community leader in the space of independent film.  They seek to bridge the gap between film festival favorites and ever-elusive distribution.

IndieFlix requires Internet Explorer 10 or above, Chrome, Firefox or Safari Internet browser for optimal results. IndieFlix uses the same log-in as Zinio Magazines, so if you already have a Broward County Library magazine account, you are ready to watch streaming videos!  Users may sort by language, genre, or film length with easy-to-use filters.  IndieFlix also makes it easy for you to filter the videos by intended audience: Family, Teen, or Adult.

IndieFix operates a well-branded, multiplatform distribution model by offering films for purchase or streaming on, and also through third-party distribution platforms including iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, and AmazonVOD. IndieFlix recently introduced a monthly streaming subscription option that will include unlimited streaming, curated films, digital rewards and community.

Broward residents can sign up for an IndieFlix account online at


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