Dying for Starbucks: funeral home adds coffee franchise


With people literally dying to get in, a funeral home in northwestern South Carolina has announced plans to open what it calls the “Starbucks Experience,” the Washington Post has reported.

Robinson Funeral Home, a fourth-generation funeral home and crematory in Easley, South Carolina, has announced that a Starbucks franchise will be added to its existing slate of services.

Having hired a full-staff of Starbucks baristas to handle the caffeine needs of every mourner, coffee will also be discreetly served to the general public.

The so-called “Coffee Corner” will also offer food, a fireplace and free Wi-Fi access

“When people have visitations, mourners come out and support the families. Adding a Starbucks is another way to do that,” stated owner Chris Robinson. 

Robinson indicated that coffee has always been a part of his family’s business.

“We’ve always served coffee to our families. So as part of this new addition, where we’re adding a new lobby, new arrangement offices, new restrooms, we decided to incorporate a separate area for people who may want coffee.”

The coffeehouse will not be intrusive — “you walk in the front, and it’s off to the side” — and is open to all, irrespective of mourning status.  The general public is welcome. 

Questioned about whether the new Starbucks would be able to perfect “Bill’s Morning Start,” a six-shot Venti, four-pump Vanilla, one-pump Mocha, extra-fat, extra-hot, upside down latte, Robinson replied: “We haven’t been trained by Starbucks yet but we can certainly give it a try.”

Although the new funeral home location will be the town’s first Starbucks, they will not be able to market themselves as an actual Starbucks franchise as they are not a full-sized store. 

That means a drive-thru is not yet available.

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