Rico Petrocelli to chair Broward County Housing Authority


Former Plantation councilman and Broward Republican Party Executive Director Rico Petrocelli has taken on a new role – Chairman of the Broward County Housing Authority

The real estate and management portfolio of the Broward County Housing Authority has grown to include 13 housing communities. Staff has grown to more than 95 professionals. Together with their housing vouchers program, the authority provides housing opportunities for nearly 12,000 Broward County elderly, disabled and family residents living in the private rental market.

The BCHA also offers services through the HUD-certified Housing Counseling Program.

“Congratulations to Rico on such an important achievement,” stated Richard DeNapoli, Chairman of the Broward Republican Party.  “He is such a great guy and highly deserving to be chairman of the housing authority.” 

Appointed by the governor, the five commissioners of the Broward County Housing Authority are not paid for their service and serve at his leisure.  Serving as vice-chairwoman is Mercedes J. Núñez.  Additional members include Sharon Day, Juan Selaya, and Jennifer Nicole.

Day is also co-chair of the Republican National Committee.

Petrocelli, the nephew of Americo Peter “Rico” Petrocelli – the retired Boston Red Sox shortstop and third baseman – is rumored to be eyeing the council seat of Plantation councilman Ron Jacobs in the upcoming March election. 

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