93 Days and Counting on The Credit Report with Bill Lewis

With 93 days remaining on my contract with Beasley Broadcasting and AM 1470 WWNN, I have called it quits.  Between an ever-growing family and changing priorities, there is simply not enough time in the day for a morning drive radio talk show.  Besides, I have grown bored.

After eight plus years on the South Florida air waves – starting at WFTL and later moving to WWNN – it is time to move on.  My last day on the air will be Tuesday, January 31st.

Now for the current week – Interesting guests and timely topics will be on AM 1470 WWNN the week of October 31th and The Credit Report with Bill Lewis.

Coral Springs Commissioner and mayoral candidate Vince Boccard will appear and discuss his decision to run for mayor of one of Money Magazine’s “100 Best Places to Live” across America – ranked first in the State of Florida and 44th on the overall list.

Tom Lauder of RedBroward will appear and discuss his political blog where “Making Broward See Red” is not such a hard job.

“Liberal Barry” Murray will appear and discuss his view on the all things Republican from an “Obama perspective.”

Former prosecutor and Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney Jim Lewis will appear and discuss his candidacy for Broward State Attorney as the only Republican for this countywide office in 2012.

Foreclosure defense attorney Carlos Reyes will appear and discuss the latest developments in the “robo-signing” controversy and investigations started by the Florida Attorney General’s Office.

Chairman Richard Denapoli of the Broward Republican Party will appear and discuss Congressman Allen West’s appearance at the monthly meeting and the continuing commitment of the Broward Republican Executive Committee to ensure success in the 2012 presidential election.

Davie Mayoral candidate Mike Crowley will appear and discuss his candidacy for mayor and his plan to create jobs by attracting high-technology business to Davie.

Talk show host Steve Kane will appear and discuss his successful appearance at Wings Plus in Coral Springs and other initiatives of The Steve Kane Show on AM 1470 WWNN.

Florida’s 34th Senator and current U.S. Senate candidate George LeMieux will discuss his candidacy in the Republican race to replace Democratic Senator Bill Nelson.

Cooper City Commissioner John Sims will appear and discuss the David Nall libel litigation against the city as well as other local business.

Talk show host and attorney Lisa Macci will appear and discuss her recent move to AM 1470 WWNN and “The Justice Hour with Lisa Macci.”

Criminal defense attorney John Contini will appear and discuss the importance of criminal history records sealing when seeking employment in tough economic times.

Republican Party of Broward County Executive Director Rico Petrocelli will appear and discuss initiatives to grow the local party and upcoming events.

The Credit Report with Bill Lewis is a daily forum for business and financial news, politics, economic trends, and cutting edge issues.  Bill can be heard weekday’s at 9 o’clock on AM 1470 WWNN in south Florida or by streaming audio at www.wwnnradio.com.  Phone lines are open at (888) 565-1470.

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