Extreme Coupon Shopping and the South Florida Sun Sentinel

Are you an extreme coupon shopper?  Did you clip and use the .50 off coupon offered by the Sun Sentinel for today’s newspaper?  A little hard if you went to the newspaper rack but much easier at your local convenience store or local supermarket.

In expecting the newspaper for only .75, many noticed that the price of the Sunday Sun Sentinel is now $1.50.  Now on par with the Miami Herald, readers must now fork over an extra quarter to read the paper that touts itself the “South Florida Sun Sentinel.”

This means that your .50 off coupon was worth only a quarter.

Unless, of course, you are Davie couple Adolfo Rodriguez, 43, and Wilmian Milian, 27.  They admitted to Broward Sheriff’s Office investigators earlier this week that they were behind a rash of coupon thefts from three different newspaper racks belonging to the Sun Sentinel and Miami Herald.

Charged with misdemeanor retail theft, these nasty coupon nappers more likely than not slept late this Sunday morning.

“It’s a quality of life issue that attacks the very culture of the community and we’re going to put resources into it,” stated Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti.  “We can’t discriminate what crimes to enforce because of its petty nature. This is like graffiti, a blight on the neighborhood. Stealing coupons is a blight on our citizens.”

Although numerous McClatchy newspapers around the country have reported a spike in the theft of coupon inserts, the Miami Herald – a McClatchy Company – has denied an increase in thefts.

“We really haven’t had any widespread reports,” stated Armando Boniche, Director of Circulation for the Miami Herald.  “Are there going to be some isolated cases?  Possibly.”

Tom Nork, vice president of circulation of the Sun Sentinel, also indicated no significant increase in coupon theft.  “It becomes a nuisance to our consumers who then go to buy the paper,” he stated following the arrests of Rodriguez and Milian.

Although denying that extreme coupon theft does occur, and continues to spike nationwide, the Sun Sentinel announced today in its print version sweeping changes in coupon package distribution.

Notice to readers

Beginning Oct. 15, your insert and coupon package will be delivered in your Saturday newspaper.  This gives you an extra day to plan your Sunday and next week’s shopping schedule.  Because many sales prices are not in effect until Sunday, always check the sale dates on all circulars.  For customers who receive only the Sunday paper, the circulars will continue to be delivered on Sunday.  If you’d like to change your service to receive the Saturday paper, please call (800) 548-6397.

A confusing new policy by the Sun Sentinel.  Why not just admit the spike in coupon insert theft and a solution to the problem?

Time will only tell what the South Florida Sun Sentinel will do with its rate hike of .25 for the Sunday newspaper.

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