Broward Sheriff Scores Big on Operation Medicine Cabinet

The Broward Sheriff’s Office reported on Wednesday that 225,589 pain killers, muscle relaxants, amphetamines and other controlled substances were collected during their monthly prescription drug “take back” event at the Moose Lodge in Tamarac.

At a typical Operation Medicine Cabinet event, people drop off unused or expired prescription medication, no questions asked, in return for $5 gift cards. Typically, 4,600 controlled and about 50,000 non-controlled pills are collected.

During the September event, the Broward Sheriff’s Office collected 87,989 controlled and 137,600 non-controlled substances from the approximately 85 attendees.  The tally included 1,600 Hydrocodone pills, 3,456 Oxycodone pills, 2,400 Xanax pills, 25,000 Carisoprodols pills, a muscle relaxant known as Soma, and 14,430 Diazepam, better known as Valium.

One person brought in a half dozen garbage bags filled with thousands of prescription drugs that had been purchased over decades but had never been taken.

“We know that 65 percent of teens who abuse prescription drugs get the pills from a home or a friend. The drugs turned in will all be safely destroyed and will never end up in the wrong hands because these conscientious people took the time to turn them in at an Operation Medicine Cabinet event,” said Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti. “This was, by far, the most successful event that we have held to date.”

For more information on Operation Medicine Cabinet or prescription drug prevention presentations, please contact Jonathon Fishman at (954) 557-1124.

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